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Name: Shin-X a.k.a. The Mighty Shin-X a.k.a. The Dread Pirate Shin-X

Age: 22

Race: Hairless Beach Ape

Sex: Male

Likes: Naked Jen. Things that are not normal. PIE! Uninteresting trivia.

Dislikes: Un-Naked Jen. Things that are normal. Interesting anything.

Obsessions: Naked Jen. Computers. Asian film-type stuff. ROTK.


Movies you should all watch :

Fatty Drives The Bus, Cannibal! : The Musical, Ping Pong, Ong-Bak, Happiness Of The Katakuris, My Sassy Girl.

TV shows you should all watch :

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, One Piece, GTO, Thundercats, Duckman, The Prisoner.


Shin-X is a smelly human sack of FILTH. A computer loser that likes computers (his computer is named "The Expositor"). Has an interest for anything generally found uninteresting by anyone else, and uninterested in anything that anyone else finds the least bit interesting. That was a confusing sentence. Shin-X is an odd fellow, and likes it that way.


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