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Minor Treat is about three main charaters. Shin-X (Shawn) and Mca (Mark) are based off of us. They look (except Mca isn't QUITE so hairy in real life) and act a lot like we really do and a lot of the stories are based off of things that actually happen to us.

Jen though, is completely fictional. She does, however, share many characteristics of a person we both know and want to have sex with *, but Jen was created long before we ever met her.

Mca (Mark) draws all the comics and graphics with Shin-X (Shawn) adding input on how things could look. Shin-X (Shawn) initially writes the majority of the comics, with Mca adding his own input on the story, and dialouge for the Mca character.

Shin-x (Shawn) does all the webby stuff.

Shin-X (Shawn) can't draw at all, and Mca (Mark) is computer illiterate outside of photoshop, so the creation and weekly writing of this comic strip wouldn't exist without the efforts of both people, as neither of us could do it on our we are too lazy, so we both push each other to get things done.





*not really